Make input field content scrollable

Is there a way the text input field content can be made scrollable? If the content is a long line a user might want to be able to scroll to the beginning by touch to view the content. But it is not possible now.

Pressing the upper arrow key on the keyboard moves the cursor to the begging of the text field:

try it here on desktop:

I believe there is no such function in mobile (this is a general limitation of the mobile interface).

Thank you very much for your answer. I found out that is possible to scroll in iphone using the following.

3D Touch. To turn your keyboard into a trackpad, press the keyboard until it turns light gray. Move the cursor by dragging around the keyboard. Without lifting your finger, press a little deeper to select a word. Press twice to select a sentence. Press three times to select a paragraph. After pressing, you can drag to select more text.