Making a request to 3rd-party API with multipart/form-data

I need to make a POST request to a 3rd-party API. It needs to be in the multipart/form-data format, and I also needs to send a file.

The exact request I need:

There need to be 2 fields:

  • model
  • file (the file goes here)

Here’s what I’ve tried so far, it didn’t work:

If a possible solution requires the use of something else other than the UI Builder, I’m open to it. A UI builder solution would be better though.

Hi. What specifically doesn’t work? Some errors?
Also you can use JS-sdk (for nodejs), which quite straightforward and give you possibility for debugging.

What doesn’t work is creating a post request with the multipart/form-date content type and a FILE attached as one of the fields in the body.

I’m asking to look at my screenshot and tell me what needs to be changed for the request to work the described above.

Hi @Artem1

Instead of attaching “Create Object” as a body you need to use “Form” block, then “file” should be a Buffer (list of bytes)


Hi @vladimir-upirov ,
I have a very similar case and I’m following your advice above.
However, I’m getting the following error from the HTTP/s block:

Error: No file part in the request
    at k (sdk.js:16:632489)

Here is my block:

The property arrayBuffer is really an ArrayBuffer as shown by the printout in console:

Any idea?


Got it solved by myself :blush:

The file parameter must really be a javascript File-Object. I’ve took some piece of custom code to generate it:

The custom code is:


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How did you get this to work? I just get the error
“code”: 0,
“message”: “File is not defined”

Hello @GetAccept

Please create a new support topic and describe the steps in detail.