Manage access token

Hi team,

I want to use third-party auth0 integration with Ui builder.

I need the same access token which is generated at third-party auth0 login time. So, please help me to figure out the situation.

NOTE: I need this access token for third part API service provider

Hi, @Ronak_Patel

I think for your case, you can use Local Storage You can find required blocks in the System → Local Storage section.


I am used OAuth user login block and this block does not store my third-party access token.
this block stores backendless user tokens, and I need a third-party access token to access my third-party API server.

Hello @Ronak_Patel

We do not save the token from the provider and do not give it to the client.
But we have rest rout
With it, you can get provider token and login user by this token


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