Manipulating stored data across a page

I have data that comes in like this:

[{"installLocation":"install address","jobStatus":"Pending","created":1661187694380,"dateRequested":1661922000000,"installPhotos":null,"signLocation":"sign locaiton","ownerId":null,"jobOwnerName":"Tyler","jobId":1,"jobOwnerId":"ttt","ownerName":"jjj","___class":"Jobs","updated":null},{etc...},{etc...}...]

I am calling this data on page mount.
I need to count the number of objects have a jobStatus of a certain type (pending, active, etc).

  • I have tried to get length of array but cannot find how to filter pre-existing data

I need to loop over all the results and make cards relating to the data.

  • I cannot figure out how to map each nested item to multiple text items across a cell

Hello @Tyler_DeLanghe

Welcome to the community and thank you for trying Backendless!

In order to loop(iterate) we’ve got a few blocks in the List and Loop categories

So, to filter items and then get a length of the list you can use the following blocks

To render a list you can use a Repeater Repeaters - Backendless UI Builder Developer Guide

Regards, Vlad

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I was able to figure it out with this. Thank you!