Mantain user session iOS SDK

Hi. I am trying some user login in my iOS app, and everytime i restart the app, i have to log in again because backendless.userService.currentUser is null. I would like to mantain the session but without saving to NSUserDefaults any password or username. Is there a simple way to do this in Backendless? Or the only way is save user data in the device and attempt login every time the app starts?

Thanks, Andres. I added it to our roadmap.


Thanks Mark! Is it possible to know the estimated date for this and other features (server side code, auto increment field, etc)?

Any news on this? it also happens in the Android SDK.

An alternative would be to give a session token when the user auths / registers which can be persisted and used on the next app start in an alternative login flow.

Just updated to the current iOS pod v1.15 (thank you for this) hoping to take advantage of the feature defined in your docs at that talk about “Remembering Login” and suggesting you use the

[backendless.userService setStayLoggedIn:Yes]

Is the documentation updated in advance of the next update?