Marketplace CRM Demo When Installed in New App Gives Error

I installed the Marketplace Demo app in a new app space :


After installation completed, I got this “error” message:

Hi @Howard_Jacobson

It means the app uses more resources than allowed on your current billing plan


Yes, thank you, I understand, but how can I experiment with it and learn from it, if I can’t use it?

you have 48 hours to play with it, after that time you will need or upgrade the billing plan or create a new one app

OK. I’d suggest a longer playtime. Perhaps 14 days?

With all due respect, your request is politely denied. 48 hours stays.

Actually, this is not related to playtime, this is about general billing policy. When an app reaches a usage limit the system notifies developers in the app and provides a quite long time to make a decision/action to prevent blocking the app.

Blueprint is just a quick way to create an app with an already completed solution, so to see if it feet your expectation 2 days should be enough. In case you would like to use the app for studying proposes (not for production/development) you are able to remove it and create a new one

Thank you. As The Rolling Stones taught me when I was young, “You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.”