MarketPlace, FullTextSearch, ChangeLog

I’ve just spoke to Edward, here are a few important things to note:

  • MarketPlace:
    Make the market place open for everybody to add their own extensions.
    You’ll get the feature richest BAAS on the planet.

Someone builds a server/client solution for a chat (serverCode+clientSDK).
You’ll add the package to your app in BackendlessConsole (via MarketPlace).
Download the extra ios/android extension (if needed).
Add your extra chat-api-key.
Use Backendless.Extension.Chat api.

  • FullTextSearch:
    If I’d like to achieve fulltextsearch (scalable) I would at least need one Server (something like Elastic Search) to process search requests. (geospatial search + fts).
    Why not offer this as a feature (in the Market place) as drop-in?

  • Changelog:
    Webservice/Twitter/Blog/Email whenever changes to the Core api (especially Standalone) were made.

Also to mention:
Would love to see Coderunner working on Standalone soon.


Hi Jens,

Thanks for the suggestions. Please see my comments below:

-FullTextSearch: this would fit in quite nicely as an enhancement available via Marketplace. We implemented something similar for our own purposes, you can see it in the Feature Explorer on this page: (Feature Explorer is a Backendless-powered app and it does have Full text search feature)

  • Changelog: duly noted. We will put a process in place to maintain a change log.

As for CodeRunner in Standalone, it has been fixed, we will post an updated installer soon.


Will MarketPlace extensions also be available for Standalone? (e.g. add external data source)


I watched a bit of your last Webinar.

Will there be the possibility to add 3rd party libraries into cloud code?
(e.g. adding an image manipulation library as java dependency)

That possibility exists today. You can add 3rd party libraries into the deployments of the services uploaded to Backendless.

Is there any documentation an this topic?

As of my understanding of jar files, one could (should) not just put extra dependencies into a Jar file.

Are extra dependencies to be added externally or directly into the Service Jar?

Just awesome! Great work Mark!!