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Marketplace purchase is not reflected in the plan usage limits and we're getting red banner

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Online? Version 6 when hovering backendless logo

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  1. We selected Cloud 9 Plan, got 20MB business logic storage
  2. Bought the extra 20MB from marketplace, Enhanced Hosted Service Size (20 MB)
  3. Our business logic size is 33MB and should not receive error message about us breaking treshold as we have 40MB business logic hosting size (20MB + 20MB).

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  1. After entering credit card, selecting plan 9 and buying extra server storage from marketplace (Enhanced Hosted Service Size (20 MB)) we’re still getting a banner on top of backendless saying “Your application has exceeded a limit of the Business Logic deployment size on the current plan. All API calls will be blocked within 48 hours after the limit is exceeded.”

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Hello @ricardo_van_lemmen.

We will investigate your problem in more detail. Internal ticket BKNDLSS-23447 has been created.

Regards, Nikita.

Great! Can I follow the tickets progress somewhere? Or will you keep me updated in this thread?

Follow up question, is it possible to buy multiple enhanced hosting storage or is 40MB the maximum when working on Cloud 9?

@ricardo_van_lemmen, you can find out about the current progress in solving the problem in this topic.
Maximum hosting storage on cloud9 is 40MB.

Regards, Nikita.

@ricardo_van_lemmen the issue is fixed, please check if everything is fine.
Thank you.

We’re still having the red banner in the app. Will try to disable the extension (20MB) and enable it again. Just need to purge the current deployment files in order to deactivate it.

Will get back with results later today.

Still not working. Getting the red banner even though I bought +20MB hosting. Our total deployment size is 33MB, still on Cloud9

Hi @ricardo_van_lemmen!

It is a bug in Web Console components limit calculation logic. Your app will not be blocked due to this warning. I have created internal ticket for this problem BKNDLSS-23487. We will notify you when fix will be released.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Regards, Andriy

Thank you. :pray: We’ll ignore the warning then.

Hey! Looks like our app is blocked after all. Please fix this asap, we rely on this service on our day to day use.

Hi @ricardo_van_lemmen!

Your app was unblocked. I informed our engineers about this situation. wi will take appropriate measures

Regards, Adriy

Thank you for the quick response! Appreciate it.

Will the application be blocked again in 48 hours?

It should not be blocked again. It was blocked due to bug in our limit checking logic. Our team will take care about it.

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We’re blocked again. Could you please upgrade us to a Cloud 99 as a complimentary service until this is fixed? We’re doing corona test reporting and it is very important for us not to be blocked at this moment in time.

I am getting frustrated at this repeating over and over again without any updates. Anyhow we’ve upgraded to Cloud 99 to remove the message / block but we’re still blocked.

@ricardo_van_lemmen your application has been unblocked.

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Any updates on this issue? We rather not try downgrade unless you say its fixed as our last automatic block caused quite some damage.

Hello @ricardo_van_lemmen

Sorry for the delay, I can see that ticket has been fixed and at this moment it is on testing stage, once it’s verified by our QA department we will release it and notify you here.

Regards, Vlad

Any updates?