Marketplace, Unable to see '"Install Component' button within Frontend / Components Tab

I’m trying to install a ‘UI Component’ from Marketplace.
The pop up instruction is asking me to click on the ‘Install Component’ button within Frontend section.
Can you hekp please?


Hi. It looks strange. The button in my app is present.
Could you provide the appId for checking in you app specifically.

I found out what’s wrong.
The feature is in production test process. Should be publicly available within a couple of days.

@oleg-vyalyh I have a similar topic with the Badge Component. This component does not even appear in my component list in the Frontend section. Can you have a look at this as well, please.

Send, please the link to the topic.

Hello @Paul_HIllen

Installing components from the marketplace is already available. You can install a component either from the marketplace or from the “Components” tab.