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Master Class Step 3 - Countries not listing

I just thought I would mention that I have just completed Mark’s Master Class tutorial Step 3, where a list of Cities with a related list of Counties and displayed in a list.

All went extremely well with the tutorial until the last step of creating a 2nd cell and adding a text box for countries. This went well until I tried the preview, and was presented with a blank screen whereas, prior to adding the Country, I had a list of cities, as expected.

My code in the current Backendless, (slighty different to Marks)…
On Page Enter logic…

Content logic of the CountriesText Box…

I checked the structures in the database and they seem correct, because these are the same tables used in the missions.

Should there be 2 relations between these tables, that seems odd to me.

image .

This is just a tutorial question so is not urgent, but I would like to know if I have missed something. (And I have redone the tutorial with the same result)

Kind Regards

Hello @Bruce_X

In “Load Table objects” for relations you are using a column named “Country” but on schema i don’t see the column with this name. Maybe you need to use a “CountryCode” column name?

Regard, Viktor