Masterclass 101 Section 6 lesson 21 Data Retrieval

I have a problem with this lesson, Section 6, Lesson 21 - Data retrieval.
My application id is: 127D4164-DB08-D115-FFBB-35CBFBF63500

I am unable to get the Cities data table in the data selection (in the logic creation). Please see the pics attached. I believe the problem is fundamental but I am new to coding, so please forgive me. Your help is greatly appreciated.Section 6 lesson 21_Problem with Cities Data.pdf (329.3 KB)

Hello @Nantha_Kumar_Nithiahnanthan

You are doing all right, but block with the text of city name is not dynamic, so uncheck checkbox Dynamic List Behavior from a block with city name(i changed the id of him to - CityBlock, to make it easier for you to find it) and everything will work.

Regards, Dima.

Thanks, Dima Vak,

I see that it works perfectly, now.

Thank you, once again!