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Max number of returned related data

(SnakeEyes) #1


I am trying to build a database of client. It will have restaurant table containing all restaurants and the menu items each restaurent has

I think the best way is to have restaurant table with related data of restaurant items

I remember from previous project that when you use the autoload feature/single step retrieval that it returns max of 12 related items. Has this changed? And if not then what would be point of related data if you can really only return 12 related objects not all the data

Any help I appreciated
Thank you

(Olga Danylova) #2

The max number of objects returned with autoload/single step is 10.
You can use two-step retrieval to receive more objects.
Please check this documentation for more information.


(SnakeEyes) #3

Thank you. I wish there was a way to indicate how may items single step will return as opposed to the forced default 10. In a table that has 5 properties in which all are one to many, it will be pain to do paging on every property with 2 steps retrievals for each. A simple one step loading with (say changing it to 20 related data) will solve the problem

(SnakeEyes) #4

Olga, one more question about the same topic if you dont mind.

If the table has 2 related properties (say Address property and Friends Property) and I say I use the single step (or autoload feature). Then when will each property returns a max of 10 relations or will the total combined relations be 10? Ie, do I get 10 addresses and 10 friends in the same call or do I get 10 address and 0 friends?

(Olga Danylova) #5

You’ll get 10 addresses and 10 friends in the same call.