Max Page Size in Custom Data Grid Component

Is the maximum page size for a data grid set to 100? Reviewing the AG Grid documentation it appears it should be able to go higher than this (at least to 1k) but I can’t seem to get the data to load if pagination is set to 101 or higher.

I have some use cases where page size needs to either be very large or preferably unlimited since the client is attempting to effectively replace excel and smartsheets. I know that could introduce performance issues but I’d prefer to test and then handle those as needed.

Any input welcome. Thanks again for all the support!

Hello, @James_Hereford.

You can use offset to get more data.
For example with first request to your table you got first first 100 items(with page size == 100). In next request you need set offset to 100, and server will skip first 100 items and return 100 items starting from 101.

Regards, Nikita.

Hi Nikita, thanks so much for the reply! I am not sure this will work though and may not have explained my need clearly.

If I understand your solution, this will work like the pagination example and I’ll get the next set of data in a separate query or page. I need to load more than 100 objects into the grid into a single page - ideally up to 1000. This appears possible in AG Grid but appears to be a limit in the BE implementation.


You can also create a list of values. And when completing requests with offset, add them to your list. Then draw your grid with this list.

Thanks Nikita. I am not sure I am following though.

In my use case I have a table, let’s say with 600 records. I need to be able to load all 600 records into a single scrollable and filterable page. Can you expand on how offset or a list of values with offset can help enable this?

Hey Nikita. Thanks again for the help. Apologies as I am still coming up the learning curve. I found the answer that I needed here: