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Maximum call stack size exceeded ... at castGeoColumns

Hello! During the “npm run debug” and using Backendless.Persistence.of(‘some-table’) I got timeout errors (on client side) with the following output in the console (because it is debug mode):

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
at ()
at castGeoColumns (…/node_modules/backendless/lib/data/store/parse.js:103:13)

There are no Geo data in the table used. How to fix it?


I tried to reproduce, but it seems that some additional conditions are needed. Maybe it depends on the table schema and data. In order to identify the problem it will help us if you provide with more information, or let us know your App ID and the table with which this problem reproduces. And which method do you use - simple find? Сalling just Backendless.Persistence.of(‘some-table’) could not lead to this…


Ok, I was able to reproduce it. The root cause is not proper handling of circular relations in data.
The fix will be ready tomorrow. We’ll let you know here once new SDK is published.
Thanks for reporting this issue!


Is it fixed? Currently there are still issues.

Hi @andrey-olishchuk

The problem is solved and the fix will be released soon.

Best Regards,

Hey @andrey-olishchuk,

sorry for delay! We’ve publish a new version of JS SDK (v5.7.2) that fixes your issue.
Please try again & let us know if everything is ok for you now.