Maximum request per minute limit has been reached

We are getting this error quite often lately:

Maximum request per minute limit has been reached for the app. Please have the owner of the app contact Backendless to increase the rate limit

In response, we have been

  1. leveling a lot of our code execution to avoid peaks
  2. Switching where possible from webhooks triggering APIs based on external apps to timers that are smoother
  3. decreasing the frequency of our timers.
  4. Looking at our highest frequency methods and refactoring the code.

My questions:

  • Is there in the short term a way to increase the limit aside from moving to a managed/pro account? Is there a function pack?
  • Is there another best practice that we should be thinking of

@mark-piller your thoughts would be much appreciated.

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Hi Andreas,

The steps you are taking are precisely what we recommend. Additionally, consider an approach where each invocation is as quick as possible with the trade-off of greater number of invocations. For applications reaching the scale you’re experiencing, it is OK if they are chatty (from the API usage perspective), but each call is as fast as possible.

As for the function pack, we do not have one as we’re reviewing various alternatives for usage-based billing. We can offer an interim solution to raise the rate limit for your application. If you’re interested, please contact me directly.