Media Streaming - Sound issue

We have implemented media streaming and video seems to work fine. However sound is not played on Speaker. Can you please help us with this?

Thank you

My problem is when steaming is going on, I can hear audio in headphone but I am not able to hear it on speaker. as it is live streaming video, Audio should be coming from speaker.

My client is planing to purchase this service and if this issue is sorted, he will purchase it tomorrow. so please treat this as an urgent issue.

Please help asap.

Hi, Brijesh

Is it iOS or Android? It is strange that you can hear the sound in headphone but not speaker.

Hi Antolii,

It is in iOS, i have run the sample provided.


Do you think that we need to do some settings in code to have audio on speaker? I am testing this in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S having iOS 9.3

We need to contact our iOS Developer and get back to you.

Ok, Thank You. I assume that you are able to generate this? can you confirm?

We’ve got a similar support issue recently
So our developer is working on this issue.

Hi Fazul,

To route audio to the speaker use:

[MPMediaData routeAudioToSpeaker];

If you investigated our VideoService sample, you can see this line - it is what you need.