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Medias upload using AngularJS 2

Hello and thanks for this amazing platform and all of your hard work, I really enjoy working with Backendless backend;

I have a problem, I could not find any documentation or method to upload an image using AngularJS 2 and getting its “file” property after it is been uploaded.

I used this quick start
to begin my project and it is all working perfectly only the issue of a piece of script to upload and image and get it’s “file” and/or ‘objectId’ property/ies.

Thank you.

Hi Hamdi,

Unfortunately, our Angular2 documentations is not very rich and, as I know, we haven’t any example of loading files in AngularJS.
Fortunately, we have pretty wide JS-SDK documentation. You can find the examples of loading file here.
Of course, you can’t use it as a ready-for-use snippet but you should apply TypeScript syntax for it.
I hope it will be helpful for you.
Please, let us know about your progress.
Regards, Ilya