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MediaService issue with Backendless example app VideoService

I just opened your example project VideoService (I entered my appId and secretKey there). I started it on my iPhone4 device. Then I pressed Publish button, and after that I don’t see new logs . And the only thing I see is ActivityIndicator view.
And nothing happens. The app never comes into -(void)streamStateChanged:(id)sender state:(StateMediaStream)state description:(NSString *)description and into -(void)streamConnectFailed:(id)sender code:(int)code description:(NSString *)description (I’ve waited for 10 min).

By the way, when I tried this code:

self.publisher  =[backendless.mediaService publishStream:@"strName" tube:@"tubeName" options:options responder:self];
    self.publisher start];
    StateMediaStream state = [self.publisher currentState];
    self.publisher connect];
    state = [self.publisher currentState];

state was always = Disconnected (I tested with and without start/connect methods). And delegate methods are never called

Now if you are going to use backendless MediaService you should create it, for example, in AppDelegate:

#import “MediaService.h”

  • (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions
    [backendless initApp:APP_ID secret:SECRET_KEY version:VERSION_NUM];
    backendless.mediaService = [MediaService new];

    return YES;

Actually it helped, but there are 2 issues of your example app VideoService (from your SDK examples):

  1. When I press Publish and then Playback, I see playing video upside down. If publishing video is 20 seconds, playing video is about 17 seconds, so it’s cut off.
  2. When I publish live video and then play it on the other device, the delay if from 3 to 6 seconds.
    You can test all these issues on Backendless example project VideoService.

Will you fix these issues or it’s impossible?
Do you have MediaService on Android SDK? If no, when are you going to have it?