Message Registering Flutter iOS

I have a problem with register messaging in iOS which is fine and working in Android.
When I call the command on iOS it takes an infinite time and doesn’t return an error or a value back. Which causes a halt in application start. I did all the registering by the book on the ‘manage’ section.

my code is:

print('init 01');
  await Backendless.initApp(
      applicationId: Constants.APPLICATION_ID,
      androidApiKey: Constants.ANDROID_API_KEY,
      iosApiKey: Constants.IOS_API_KEY,
      jsApiKey: Constants.JVScript);
  print('init 010');

    await Backendless.messaging.registerDevice(["default"]).onError((error, stackTrace){
      print('init 01: $error');

  print('init 011');

And log output is:

Debug service listening on ws://
Syncing files to device Ehsan’s iPad...
flutter: init 01
flutter: init 010

Would you please help realise what’s wrong?

Any insights? or help?

It seems this should have been done! I didn’t and the problem (halting) was caused by this:

But I can get Notification in Android but not in iOS even the device is showing registered in my panel and saying the message is sent to iOS.

hello @Ehsan_Nikaeen1

please make sure that you have properly configured the project Push Notification Setup (iOS) - Backendless SDK for iOS API Documentation

I have done All the process for the second time again. Now I can see an iOS device in my registered devices but the message won’t deliver.

Hello, @Ehsan_Nikaeen1.

Are you testing the delivery of push notifications via TestFlight in appconnect?

Because you have the production version selected. This applies to apps in the Appstore and TestFlight. When running through the IDE, the sandbox is used.

Best Regards, Nikita.

I tried it with the latest version which is published online in the AppStore, not TestFlight.

Have you updated the iOS certificate in backendless console?

Two times. But if you are sure this is the issue I can redo it all over again!

Please attach a screenshot showing what the certificate registration in console looks like

You mean this?

Yes, thank you. When you generated the certificate on the apple site, did you also select the Production profile?