Messaging console

I successfully run the sample chat app which I downloaded from code generation section.
I have my devices registered on messaging console. I entered “android-ticker-text”:“hi”
in the Headers text field and plain text in the Message text the only thing I received in the phone
was android icon without text. also nothing with another Header options. what should I do in client side to
receive message text?

    Did you configure your backend with certificates (Manage > App Settings > Mobile Settings) Did you select the checkbox for "Send as: Push Notification" when you publish a message?

Yes I’ve done both of the settings and checkbox for send as push notification.
As I told chat application works completely. I did not go through chat source code yet. Maybe chat app uses special
channel to send push notifications.

No, there is no special channel for push notifications.

Messages are sent as string extras, so you can retrieve them with method getStringExtra( “message” ) - take a look at its implementation in the sample.
Also try to send message with three headers: “android-ticker-text”, “android-content-title”, “android-content-text”. Put there different values and check how they would be shown on the device.
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Thanks a lot Alexander

I was sending just one header. also I was thinking that message text will appear in notification content
after setting three headers together problem solved.

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