Messaging / Emails - Confirmation template - {identity_name} variable not translating

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Expected Behavior

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  1. Added the {identity_name} to the “Confirmation template”
  2. Added a user to the Users table
  3. Received a “Confirmation template”
  4. Expected the first line to say “Hello Darren” …

Actual Behavior

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  1. Instead of it having the Users name in it (i.e. “Hello Darren” …), it said “Hello email”

Reproducible Test Case

No code. Just inserted the variable {identity_name} into the “Confirmation template” email message body.

The {identity_name} substitution variable inserts the name of the identity column. If you need to insert the actual name of the user, you should use a custom email template with “smart text” that references a specific column.


Thank you, Mark. I’ll check that out.