Messaging subscription id on multiple devices


I wanted to ask if more than one device can have the same messaging subscription Id ?

I am building my app using Kinetise, and I want all app users to receive the same messages which I will be sending on one channel, with no filters “Subscribe for all messages”. I want to run the REST API on the development and save it as a local variable to be used in further message retrieval API calls, is that possible ?


Hi. Firstly i want to clarify for myself, why do you need one subscriptionId.
If the client perform subscription on particular channel, it just retrieve unique ‘subscriptionId’. The id is necessary to make a right decision whether the client already receive the message or not.
And you no need to do anything else for receiving all messages from the channel except pooling of our server from every device/client.

Will the messages be received as push notifications ?

It depends on what you will pass in the delivery options. Read here for more information:
Method publish accepts DeliveryOptions instance in which you can set publish policy:
.setPublishPolicy( PublishPolicyEnum.PUSH/PUBSUB/BOTH ) where:

  • push – is only push notification
  • pubsub – is only pub/sub
  • bothpush and pubsub.