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Messaging type

Hello, I have some questions about Backendless messaging and push notification.

I am using Android SDK now.

When i publish push notification, i selected way to publish it.
For example, send as ‘Broadcast’ or ‘Push Notification-selected Device’. But What is different from Broadcast and PushNotification??
If select ‘Broadcast’, is it deliver message to all devices without register??
I want to know the difference. There is no explanation of it.


If “Broadcast” is checked - than the message would be sent as push notification to all OS and also it would be published as pubsub message to the channel, so it would be available to subscribers.
By checking “Push-notification” you can choose particular OS/devices. Also, if only “Push-notification” is checked, but “Broadcast” is not - then notification would be sent as a push only, but not as pubsub.
More about publishing push notifications:
More about pubsub:

THX for reply :slight_smile:

I read docs already, and now i understood the difference of Broadcast and PushNotification.

But I’m not sure about pubsub…
Is it different from push notification?? pubsub is like device’s native message??
I’m not sure about that… I know push notification also have message. And i’m using it for delivering my own data.

Push notifications are sent through services like Google Messaging for Android.

Pubsub ( stands for pusblish/subscribe ) - is type of messaging where messages are published to channel by publishers, and subscribers poll channel periodically to take the messages out if they match any pattern ( subtopic, headers ). Pubsub message lives in the channel for a short time (near 1 minute).
More about pubsub messaging you can read here:

OK!!! Got it!!
THX for your kind reply!