Microsoft Azure Redirect URI

I am trying to find in the documentation where Redirect URIs, the Front Channel Logout URL and tokens are mentioned (in relation to configuring Azure login)?

Redirect URIs

The URIs we will accept as destinations when returning authentication responses (tokens) after successfully authenticating or signing out users. The redirect URI you send in the request to the login server should match one listed here. Also referred to as reply URLs.

Front-channel logout URL

This is where we send a request to have the application clear the user’s session data. This is required for single sign-out to work correctly.

Implicit grant and hybrid flows

Request a token directly from the authorization endpoint. If the application has a single-page architecture (SPA) and doesn’t use the authorization code flow, or if it invokes a web API via JavaScript, select both access tokens and ID tokens. For ASP.NET Core web apps and other web apps that use hybrid authentication, select only ID tokens.

Select the tokens you would like to be issued by the authorization endpoint:

  • Access tokens (used for implicit flows)

  • ID tokens (used for implicit and hybrid flows)

Are you configuring a custom OAuth2 provider in Backendless?

Greetings Mark

Yes, I reached this page and chose Microsoft.

Then, I logged in to and went to Active Directory.

Then, I went to App Registrations.

Here’s the general guideline:

Everything inside Azure would be within Azure’s domain…

In Azure Active Directory → Manage → Certificates and Secrets, there is a “Value” and a “Secret ID”

When you ask for the “Client Secret”, do you want the value or the ID?

Backendless asks for a Redirect URL and Azure Active Directory asks for a Redirect URI. How would I find this info?

Redirect URI in Azure is the Callback URL in the screenshot above.

As for “value” or “ID” for the “Client Secret”, I do not know off the top of my head. Try ID first and see if it works.