Migrate data from Backendless to another DB (eg: MongoDB)


Soon I’ll be developing a new Angular/NodeJS based web application for my client. It will be a platform for a courier company to track & manage their complete ordering flow.
I am considering to use Backendless (more specifically, the data service) for this app. However, I would like to keep all options open, in case I need to migrate to another database in the future.

I know that there is an export feature available in Backendless, but this will be a csv export. What are other possibilities that you offer ?
I am particularly concerned about complex data types (eg: JSON field).
How easy will it be to migrate all my data to a new database (eg: MongoDB) ?

Can you provide me some more information on this please ?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Hello @am2208

We offer imports only to .csv

What about migrating - the complexity of the migration depends on how you build your database.

Regards, Dima.

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