Migrate to EU servers


How do I go about migrating my app from US to EU server?


You have to make export and import of all your data and app settings.
Also do not forget about business logic. A good approach – is to redeploy it on the EU server after migrating all your data.
API keys may be different.
The URI endpoint also changes. The client app should take this into account.


As an alternative to what Oleg wrote above, we can also migrate your app from the US to the EU cluster. There is a $150 fee to cover engineer’s time. The process takes about 3-4 hours.



Would this still mean a change of API keys? I’d be happy to pay $150 if I don’t need to change anything in my code and it just moves across.

Also would I have any downtime while the migration happens?


At the very minimum you would need to change the API endpoint domain name.

Ok, how do I go about getting this done? And how quickly would you be able to get it done? Ideally it would be best over a weekend if possible too?

We can charge the card on file and schedule the migration for the hours with minimal traffic. It can be done at night as well.