Migrating v3 -> v4


I have a Backendless 3.x app and I’ve been asked to update it to Backendless 4.x. I’m curious, what are the benefits of this migration? Are there any specific trouble spots or common errors that I should be aware of prior to going through with a migration? We have both mobile and web clients pulling data from the Backendless database. Are there any specific considerations I need to know?

Any help would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Casey,

The primary benefit of the migration is being on the latest version of the platform which is much improved and is getting a lot of new features with every update. Keep in mind that you do not have to migrate, as long as the app in 3.x is on a paid plan as of November 1st of this year (this is when we stop the free plan in 3.x, but it is available in 4.x).

The area of the APIs from 4.x which many developers stumbled with is the relationship management. You can learn more about the differences here (select the doc for your OS from the horizontal menu):

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mark,

I really appreciate the help. I’ll let you know if I have any problems during migration – but this seems pretty straightforward.