Migration to free plan with miscalculation

Hi, I was on free plan and migrated to scale plan on 16 June, I want to switch to the free plan again but the system charged me with 41$ which is not a correct calculation in my case.
My card is charged and i want to migrate to the free plan with payment of my actual usage.
Thank you

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Hi @Anas_Eshtaiwi ,

Sorry for inconvenience. Behavior of system in your case was incorrect - instead of billing your app from the date of plan change it billed you from the date of the last billing (in your case it was 9th of Jun).

As I can see from your subscription activity your credit card was not charged - you tried to switch to the Free plan on 21th of Jun but system failed to charge required amount of money. I have corrected your fee to $10.40 (sum for period from 16.06 to 21.06).

Could you please ensure that your credit card has required amount of money and try to downgrade one more time?

Regards, Andriy