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Missing created and updated attributes on some objects send via async web hooks

Async web hooks afterCreate and afterUpdate sometimes send objects where it is missing the created and updated attribute. Because in our application (ID: 680A9DB0-845B-2994-FF60-FA071B948600) we are using those fields to do some complex logic to report our data we found it as a showstopper. It affects more than 1% of all data send via afterCreate and afterUpdate web hooks to our application.
In the attachment you will see how this look both in code runner console and in our post controller after receiving the data from the web hooks.
Please take a look at this and inform me what might be the problem.

Hello Dimitar

This case requires testing under load to verify why this issue persists. I’ve created internal ticket which you can reference by id 13752.
We’ll notify you here as soon as we’ll get an update on this issue

Regards Anton

Hi Anton,

Are there any updates on the internal ticket for this issue? We continue to be gated by this issue and need to get a resolution in place as soon as feasibly possible.


Hi Ravi,

For now we have no updates about this, we will notify you when the ticket is solved

Regards, Vlad

Hi, Ravi. We are not able to reproduce the issue. It would be great if you can help us.
Could you please perform some debugging steps ?

  1. Please, update your coderunner to latest (v1.11.0)
    npm i backendless-coderunner

  2. Anywhere, in your business logic, enable coderunner verbosity by calling :

  3. Make sure, in your SERVER_CODE logs you can see debug messages containing TRACE.REQUEST and TRACE.RESPONSE strings

  4. Wait, until you get the next business logic event with missing created/updated fields, and give us the result of the request/response traces for this event

Thanks !