Missing logic block - Change log shows it on the server, but not on the client? What happened?

I made a change to the logic below on Friday. I went back to make another change, and I don’t see the changes I made on Friday. I clicked the change log button and it shows the logic on the server but not on the client.

What happened that they’re not in sync?

Hi @Tim_Jones

It’s strange since the UIBuilder saves logic automatically and you should always see the latest version of the logic

  1. do you work on the UIContainer alone or you’ve got a team?
  2. do you work on the UIContainer from the same browser?
  3. what if you refresh the browser and open the changelog again, do you still see the same?

@Serhii_Karavashkin has been an amazing help, but in this case, I was working alone.

Same browser, but different tabs.

I think I tried refreshing, and it still presented the UI without the code on the server. We went live today, so there’s a lot going on, and I can’t exactly remember what I did.


hm, it could be the reason

so, do you want to get the logic saved on the server?

I grabbed the server logic yesterday after I created this topic. The change log is very well done.