Mission 6-2 - Will not complete

Task: Tiles with repeater

Please, describe your problem here.

Firstly the image files of the teapot etc were not in the image directory, so I uploaded junk image files with the same names as used in the mission. The mission runs fine, repeating the block data, displaying the name and image. When I click validate task I get a FAIL.

Any suggestions?

Regards Tim

Hi Tim,

Did you create your app using the following option?

I just created a test app and see the images for the mission in place:
products-of-the-future - TrainingTest - Backendless 2024-01-08 16-23-22

If you didn’t create an app for training, I recommend you do that - you will not lose your Missions progress.

For the 6-2 task, make sure the directory name and the file names are as shown in the screenshot above.


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Thanks Mark for the prompt response. No, I didn’t create a new app, I’d completed the other mission format tasks, and then started on this series.

I’ll give your suggestion a run!

Many thanks

Thanks Mark - it worked like a treat. Trust you had an enjoyable feastive season and hope you have a good year. Tim