Mission 6.3 Table with Repeater

Task: Table with repeater

Please, describe your problem here.
I have ran through the mission 3 times starting over each time. I am sure i am missing something simple, but i can’t get it to validate.

The output on my preview looks just like its suppose to…

create the page with the mission template
build the repeater on Page Enter event,
add a Container and name it: mission-container-header
Add 2 extra cells to the container
Add a text block to each cell.
Copy the containter and name it: mission-container-content
Click the repeater logic check mark for the block
update the Repeater Data Logic for the block to users
update each txt box content logic to its field name from the repeater list.

Preview and validate.

I have done this 3 times and i still get validation error.

My App id is: 42942A5A-C3B3-4F04-B010-915257FDBD16

Hello @Manatee_IT!

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This mission was not validated because you used the wrong block (green) for the age property.
It returns a value of type String, but you need to use the one from the Math section (blue), which returns a value of type Number.


thank you … i knew it was something stupid.