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Mission Cloud Coder 2nd of 3 not "completing"

Task: Create an API service which writes to the database

Many other missions didn’t complete right away. Some did after I refreshed the page via browser refresh button or left it and came back, others seemingly just after some time, others I had to run a second time.

This last one I’ve run six ways from Sunday and it still doesn’t seem to be registering completion. I’m sure I’ve a typo or something somewhere that I just can’t see due to having looked at it too long this evening. So apologies in advance if that’s what it turns out to be. :0)

Thoughts on what I need to correct?

Hello @R.L_Gray ,

try to change the API Key to use CloudCode API Key here:


Thanks. That also created a record successfully, but still didn’t trigger completion of the mission.

Ah, sorry, digging a little more, I noticed that you are doing POST while the video is using PUT. This is the difference.


Ahhhh, that did the trick. Mission completed. Knew it was something I missed. Thanks for finding it! :0)

You’re welcome!