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Mission: CRUD ROOKIE Task: Add Object With API

I don’t understand how to do this mission.
It makes no sense to me… How/where do I put the code to run it?
Can someone please explain this mission better for me ?

Thank You

Hi, @D_H

Backendless maintains different types of SDK (JS, IOS, Flutter, .Net, Rest API), so you can choose that one which is convenient for you. As example you can use our Rest Concole in order to complete this task. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Data section, select “Person” table (if you don`t have it, you need to create it before. How to do it you can see in previous tasks);
  2. Select Rest Console;
  3. In Request Body section add the data, you want to be added to the table. As example:

"name: “Bob”,
“age”: 20

  1. And click the “POST” button.

After performing these steps, a new object will be added to the “Person” table.

I will post several links which will help you to get started with Backendless:

If you want to get systematized information about platform features you can look at our documentation:
We offer for our developers our non-coding Codeless system, I am sure you will like it, you can get acquainted with it by this link:
Also video lessons are available on our Youtube chanel:
If you interested in UI-Builder you can check out lessons for it by this link:
Also you can get free course for Backendless UI-Builder and Codeless on Udemy:
I hope that my answer helped you.


Hi thank you for the reply, it has been helpful.

I put the code that was in the mission into the Request Body section with the API and App keys but…
When i go to press ‘Post’ it wont let me click on the post button and it says: Post Body Is Invalid JSON

Sorry, this lesson is not explained properly and this is really frustrating.

What do I do ?


What exactly did you put in the Request Body? All that you need to write is
“name” : “Bob”,
“age” : 20

Like I do it here
Sometimes there is a problem if you copy the text with quotation marks, so better write the request body for yourself.


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Sorry I put the code that is in the mission instructions into the Request Body.

But just then i put exactly what you have written into the Request Body and it still says ‘Post Body Is Invalid JSON’

Hope this helps

I just worked it out.

I did not have a entry in the data table yet. I added a blank entry and it allowed me to post.

Thank you for your help. Sorry, this was very confusing for me. Like I said this was not explained very well in the Mission information.


Oh, that code was written for JavaScript. It was mentioned before the steps to the mission. If you want to complete this task using JS SDK, you will need it. I was offering you to complete this task using REST API and Backendlss Rest Console. Using our Console you don`t need any code. Only data that you want to be stored in the table. That data need to be written in Json format (as I offered you). You may read more about Json data here -


Ok thank you I understand now.

Im not sure if others had had problems with this task. If you are apart of the Backendless team, maybe consider changing the instructions because that made no sense to me. I would not have figured that out if it wasnt for your help.

Thanks again.
Looking forward to continuing the missions tomorrow now i can move past this one

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If you have any questions about Backendless, you can always write us here, and we will be happy to assist you.


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Thank you!

copy and paste glitches…
retype whats required

still lesson needs a video and better explanation … Marks Vids are super helpful…just sayin (gratitude)
kai -

using the rest console worked great to get past the fact (i suck)
thanks for the help!
i was still stuck with this lesson same as D H (dan)
ill keep going on lesson… still bummed the Json lesson crashed and burned my momentum…(needs a mark vid)

Hello @Kai_Buskirk

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.
Please let us know if you run into any other issues, we’re here to make sure you have a fantastic experience with Backendless.

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You Bet thanks!

Just started

Warmest Holiday Greetings from California!