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Mission: CRUD ROOKIE - Update Object With API


First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the new version and wish you more progress and abundant success

All CRUD missions not working directly. I have to add the following line in the top :
const Backendless = require(‘backendless’);

But When I got to the [Update Object With API], I could not execute it, and VSCode editor giving me an error message:
(property) require: any
File is a CommonJS module; it may be converted to an ES6 module.ts(80001)

I went back to the previous two CRUD missions and it gave me the same error even though I successfully completed them


Hello @mashhour_alharthi

Thank you, we really appreciate it!

It seems like the issue is not related to Backendless, make sure your env is configured properly, looks like you work with TypeScript and this is a compilation error

have you installed the JS-SDK from NPM?

try to import as ES6 module

import Backendless from 'backendless'

Regards, Vlad