Mission for Learning Codeless? Maybe a Codeless Mission?

What’s the best way to learn Codeless? I started using Bubble.io – and have gone through several different training camps, and have realized that their database features… are lacking. I stumbled upon Backendless and started the Mission – and was able to use Codeless to invoke some items… but got stuck and manipulating items using Codeless. TL:DR.

What’s the best way to learn Codeless? I’ve started trying to piece together a logical flow of the YouTube videos, but I don’t think I’m succeeding. I think in order to learn Backendless, I need a slight grasp on Codeless… hence my question: what is the best way to learn Codeless for a non-programmer like I?

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Agree, this would be great for non-programmers that come to Backendless without any coding knowledge and with the intention of using it as a visual platform. Right now the missions assume one has programming/codeless blocks knowledge, but I suspect most users coming from other nocode platforms (Webflow, Bubble, Adalo, etc) don’t.

We’re working on a new Missions program dedicated to UI Builder and Codeless. Until it is available, the best resources would remain YouTube videos and this very forum.

If you search our channel’s videos for “Codeless”, you will get 21 videos. I’d recommend starting with these in the order they are listed:



That’s amazing. Thanks Mark!

Hey Mark… I hate to be a pest.

I think your list should start with:

Developing the “Playground Page” - Part 1
Developing the “Playground Page” - Part 2

Having said that, when I follow the instructions, I don’t seem to be able to force the line break (\n).

Is that still the right character? I’ve tried: \r\n as well.

I’m guessing this will become important down the road with message logging?

Hello @Chad_Perry

Do you use the “Raw Text” block? because the special characters ( \r\n ) won’t work with the regular “Text” block

Regards, Vlad

The videos I referenced are part of a large course. The course is available as a playlist on YouTube and also on Udemy.

It is recommended to start with the following course though:


@vladimir-upirov – I did – which is why it has me confused.

Fair enough. I just figured if any other non-programmers stumbled on this helpful post, they’d also need to know how to create a playground page. I’ll get this…

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