Mission is Marked Incomplete when Complete

Task: Change user password in console

I did exactly what the video said to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuR6EPLvq_4

First, I used the email that was supposed to be used: dummyuser@backendless.com
I made a new row in the users data table.
I filled in a random name, because the video didn’t specify
I put in a random password because the video didn’t specify.

The video said to have an account, and simply click the field and manually change the password there. I did that, but the mission is still marked incomplete.

Here is a thread of another person having the same problem as you:


Please let us know if this information helps you.

Hello @Mishal_Mehdi,

You currently have a column named emailAddress, but according to the video tutorial, it should be labeled as email, which is the default name suggested.

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Thank you!
It works now

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