Mission: Login user with API

Task: Login user with API

can someone help me? Unfortunately, the instructions in the mission do not help me. So far I have managed everything via the Rest Console but now I don’t know what to do.

Thank you.

Hi @tikru,

how did you complete the task ‘Register user with API’?
do you have any experience with any programming languages? If yes, which one?

If you don’t, that’s ok, because all missions can be completed without any coding using UI Builder.
Here is a video dedicated to User Login via UI Builder:


Thank you for your message.

I have absolutely no experience with programming.

Register user with API I solved like this:
I opened the Rest Console, clicked “Get”, then in the body response I got the person from the list:

“lastLogin”: null,
“created”: 1611750674979,
“ownerId”: “A92AFD92-A213-43D5-8D9B-1ADD679C064B”,
“socialAccount”: “BACKENDLESS”,
“name”: “noname”,
“___class”: “Users”,
“blUserLocale”: “en”,
“updated”: null,
“objectId”: “A92AFD92-A213-43D5-8D9B-1ADD679C064B”,
“email”: “abcde123456##@gmail.com

then I copied the code, changed the email to
email = “james.bond@mi6.co.uk
and added password
password = “supe3rs3cre3t”,

entered the following in the request body and clicked “Post”:

	"lastLogin": null,
	"created": 1611750674979,
	"ownerId": "A92AFD92-A213-43D5-8D9B-1ADD679C064B",
	"socialAccount": "BACKENDLESS",
	"name": "noname",
	"___class": "Users",
	"blUserLocale": "en",
	"updated": null,
	"objectId": "A92AFD92-A213-43D5-8D9B-1ADD679C064B",
	"email": "james.bond@mi6.co.uk", 

“password”: “supe3rs3cre3t”,

This was my solution (but maybe it’s not the solution backendless imagines).

I will give it a try with the UI Builder! Thanks!