Mission not completing despite working

Hey there,

I’m having trouble with mission Update Object With API as I’ve followed all the instructions and it all seems to be working but the mission isn’t getting marked as complete

I’ve screen recorded what I’m seeing so hopefully it can get solved :smiley:


Edit: changed upsert object to save object but still no mission complete
Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 5.07.37 pm

Hi Tia,

While there is nothing wrong with the logic of your page/app, the Missions system requires the steps to be followed precisely. The difference between your configuration and what Missions expect is in the name of the columns. We check that the columns are name and age (lower case for both) and in your app you have Name and Age. I believe this is the reason why it is not counting as completed.

You can modify the names of your columns on the SCHEMA tab. Do that and re-run your page. I believe it should work then.