Mission Not completing (retrieve related data with api) revisited

Hello I am doing the Missions. Relations Master 3 of 5. Everything I have done as per video (twice now) and I can’t even get past the first half of the video, Basic add person and display cell. Nothing, it won’t add the person and of course cannot continue to show the cell. Not sure what I am missing. Most of this has been quite intuitive.


My Appid is B4475EB9-7C96-4D46-B591-9438B508291A

Hi Dave,

This is the error returned by the server:

The root cause is the “Type” setting for the Age field. It needs to be set to “Number”.


That worked. I find myself rushing through these. I really like the platform and want to get on developing. Lesson learned, slow down and absorb the info. I was looking at the schema and not the ui part which I know I had to change…again rushing.