Mission not rewarded but completed. Can't get further

Hi folks ! I can’t complete CRUD mission at step2-never got rewarded but here is the result:

“name”: “Smith”,
“objectId”: “64E21DA4-BD6B-4F2C-A039-06065AC0F6B3”,
“age”: “22”,
“___class”: “Person”

Am I doing it wrong?

Hi @Bogomil_Rusinov,

What is the name of the task?


Retrieve object with API

How do you retrieve the object? Using code or REST Console?

Using REST

Are you using the /first REST API call as shown in the sample code? The output you shared tells me you’re not as it shows an array of objects.

Here’s the documentation for finding first object: https://backendless.com/docs/rest/data_basic_search.html

Thanks Mark i knew it was on my end. Now it worked.