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Mission Packs - looks like 100% overlap?

Changing Mission Packs

Hi - I completed the Codeless track and then for fun tried changing to the Code mission pack.
Your Apr-15 blog says that some missions overlap and those will be marked already complete - in my case what I see is that everything is marked already complete on the Code mission pack.

Also the UI doesn’t seem to know what to do when everything is done - it just shows the Cloud Coder mission with 3 checkmarks :).


Hi Spencer,

All missions in the Codeless pack have tasks that shoot for the same goals as their counterparts in the Code pack. When a task is complete in one, it is marked as complete in the other. The differences between the packs are:

  1. Codeless pack’s tasks use UI Builder and Codeless, while the tasks in Code pack require programming.
  2. The Code pack has additional tasks that cannot be accomplished with Codeless as they require code running natively on a device - specifically the tasks for push notifications.

We are working on additional packs that would let continue your learning adventure.