Mission: **SERVERLESS 101** repeater function

Mission: SERVERLESS 101
Task: Invoke the API Service using generated client SDK

Help! I’m having two problems with this mission.

First problem - For the get instructions button, when I run the preview and click the button it fills the information repeatedly, like 19 times, and lacks any formatting. It is just the entire instruction text in a straight string on a single line, 19 times.

Second problem - In the front end user interface editor, when I click the button to enable the repeater function on either the add item or cart content containers, it makes the contents disappear in the preview. Like when I go to preview the page anything outside of those two containers is visible, but anything inside the containers is not.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thank you! I’m super new to this, and have enjoyed learning everything so far. Now I am stuck!

Hi Sarah,

Could you please record a loom video and share the link so we can see exactly what you’re experiencing?


Thank you, Mark! Here is a video of the first problem with the repeating instructions: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Okay, I rewatched the full video, and the good news is that I was able to fix the problem with the instructions. I had made a mistake in how I added the content logic to the text box.
The bad news is that I am still having trouble getting the containers to show up in the preview when the repeater button is clicked. I show it in this video along with some of the coding, but please let me know if there is anything more specific you would like to see. Thank you!!!

Hello @Sarah_Anderson

Container with id “addToCartContainer” should be without Repeater checkbox
Container with id “cartContentsContainer” should be with Repeater checkbox
OnClick “Show what’s in the cart” you should get data from “getItems” service method and set this data to “cartContentsContainer”. This data is a list of items. Repeater clone component in the “cartContentsContainer” for every item and give the item data to component.

If you will have a problem, pls, provide us app id and page name with this demo and we will show you how to fix it


I got it to work. Thank you!