Mission shows as incomplete

Task: Run GET Request With REST Console

I have completed the task but’ it still shows that it wasn’t done.


Which table you have sent a request?

Hello @Zethu_Dludlu

Please check if you have enabled API tracking. If not, turn it on and try again.


Hi, Inna.

I have the same issue. API tracking is enabled.
Could you please unlock the next task?

Hi guys,

same issue for me. I’ve send the GET request and the system does not recognize my progress.
Could you please approve this quest?

Best Regards

There are a few things you have to change to get all the API tasks to work. Sometimes you have to wait a bit and try again, sometimes you have to change variables in the request to make it work properly. For the deletion api mission, you must delete the Joe record, and this should be the only record in your people database.

There are many more little things like this that will have to be adjusted to make the mission detector work; in “Register a User Account with an API” you must add a further name field to the user than what has been provided in the code sample. Set user.name = "James Bond"

Also, following the steps provided word for word, doubling back on yourself to click on the home tab, then the database tab, then your database, etc… I’m not sure what triggers the API but it works for me eventually when I try enough things.

Hello @Ro_Bu

For which table are you making a request? Is API tracking enabled for this app?


Yes the API tracking is enabled. I use the table “Person” for request.


Internal ticket BKNDLSS-24251 was created to investigate and solve your problem. We will inform you about the result as soon as possible.


Could you please attach a screenshot showing how you have structured your GET request?

Hi Mark,

great to hear from you. Here you will find the screenshot.


Hello @Ro_Bu,

the task is counted, sorry for the inconvenience.

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