Mission template - Task: Add Object With API

Loving the missions and learning structure of the system.

I chose a Geo Chat template at the start and have been using it to work through the missions. Now at the one called “Task: Add Object With API” and when I go to test it by hitting preview, I get a screen saying I need to be logged in to view.

Should I have selected a blank template to start if following the missions? Not sure what to do. Cheers.

Hello @Dave_Sagem,

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The blueprint that you chose when creating the application does not affect the process of passing missions. You just need to follow the instructions for each task. As for the login window, this is part of the blueprint that you chose when creating the application. If you want to log in there, you can create a user in the Users table and use his credentials.


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Thanks very much! I found the user table and entered a new user there so I am now back on track.

Was concerned about using the blueprint if it would throw up other issues, so thanks for the reassurance. Cheers