Missions after cloud coder?

I’m trying to finish the missions and be certificated but stuck after completing the cloud coder tasks and can’t see any other missions.

And if these are all the missions how can I increase my level?

Hi Ahmed,

Welcome to the Backendless community!

At the present moment the CLOUD CODER is the last published mission. We are working on additional missions and will be opening them up when they are ready. Until then, you can solidify the knowledge you obtained by building apps with Backendless.

I want to compliment you on your desire to get certified, this is great to hear! Please post any questions you have here on the forum, we would love to help you build apps with Backendless.



hi @mark-piller
can we get free T-shirt after cloud coder or any other missions to do after it

We already responded to this question in another post on this forum and on youtube channel.