Missions Error Msg

I’m getting this error message when I try to Require Email Confirmation in the Users table:

“What’s the email user property for the current version”??

I only have to records in the table and both have valid email addresses in the UserEmail field.

Hi @Paul_Merriman1 ,

Could you please provide your app ID?

Regards, Andriy

Sorry Andriy,
There is no real app yet. I’m doing the Missions training and got stuck on this activity.
It’s a very simple one and yet I can’t get past it in Missions to move forward.
Any ideas?

Hi, @Paul_Merriman1

Please make sure that the identity column in the Users table is called exactly ‘email’. After renaming the column you can enable the Email Confirmation.


Thank you Marina, this fixed my issue!!
Moving on in Missions again.