Missions issue - Your application has exceeded a limit of the Data objects in a table on the current plan. All API calls will be blocked within 48 hours after the limit is exceeded

Dear Backendless Support Team,

I have started your new Missions to learn Backendless and now I get this weird red alert message “Your application has exceeded a limit of the Data objects in a table on the current plan.”

This is kind of strange, so I can not complete the Missions!!!

During the Missions learning challenges, there should be no limitation!?

Thank you for your support to resolve this issue,

Florian Kirchberger

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Hi Florian,

This might happen if you started Missions using an app you created before 6.0 was released. If that app is on the (old) free plan, then the limits of the plan will apply. We recommend creating a new app so it will be in the Trial mode of Cloud99 which has plenty of limits. The trial will last 30 days and that’s enough time to complete all the published missions. The progress you made so far will not be lost as your Missions progress is not attached to your current app.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for your very, very fast response and your suggestion to resolve this issue.

I will create a new app to finish my Missions.

BTW, I love this cool and fun way to get a better understanding and learn about your Backendless platform.

Best Regards,


Florian Kirchberger
Melchior Str. 20
D-81479 München

Tel +49-151-253 76667
Web https://smartercity.solutions
Email fk@smartercity.solutions

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Excellent! Enjoy and please let us know if you run into any problems or have any questions.


Hi @mark-piller ,

I’ve just switched to the Springboard plan using Missions, but during the process I ended up using up all my disk space on the previous Free plan. Is this likely to free up again on it’s own now that I’m on Springboard? I’ve deleted all of the files/Data tables made while doing the missions but it seems to have made no difference. I believe I’ve gotten myself in a similar situation as @Florian_Kirchberger.


Hi @James_Nightingale, it is a known issue that the disk space usage is reported incorrectly. If you let me know your application ID, we will check and let you know how much disk space is used in your app.


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Hi @mark-piller,

I’ve sent it you in messages. :slight_smile:

Hi @mark-piller, i experience the same thing when i want to finish the mission and i don’t know what is the cause of this limit. Can you help me? Thanks

Hello @Ronald_Budianto,

I suspect you are going through Missions on the old free plan, which has limits preventing you from completing some tasks. Please create a new app , switch to it in Backendless console and continue the missions there. You progress will not be lost.