Missions not Updating

I have finished all the missions up to Repeaters, but for my Page Transition mission even though both tasks are ticked I am not getting the thumbs up next to it. Therefore, the visibility mission which is next is still locked.
Help please.

Hi Batu,

This means the tasks have not passed validation. You need to go back to the tasks and re-check all the individual steps to make sure they are done correctly.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for the quick reply. They are marked as complete with a tick, and when I tried to validate the tasks again they both said Task Already Complete.

Could you please record a loom video showing how you validate the Page Transitions tasks and share the link with us?

Hi Mark,

Here is the link to the recording. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thanks, Batu. We’re looking into it.

Could you please check if PAGE TRANSITIONS is now marked as complete? (you need to reload Backendless Console)

Hi Mark, Yes it’s complete now and I can move on! Thank you.