Missions - Unable to progress despite completing?

Hi - I am unable to progress with missions as the next stage is locked despite completing the tasks, please can you look and unlock so I can carry on with my training

APP ID 5975C813-2C2E-D216-FF36-29C33E53B000


Please describe which one is not showing as complete (task, not mission)
Describe what you did to complete it (with as many details as possible).


Hi Mark, none of them show as complete even though I’ve been through the first 4 tasks. Ive attached screen shots. Does this help?

Let’s review the first one - “Create first data table”. Could you please tell me what table you created?

Hi Mark, I created the first table called “Person” I then added “name” and “age” as shown in the screen grab

Hi Phillip,

I believe the name of column should be “name” and not “Name”. Please see what the instructions say, it is important to follow them closely.


many thanks Mark, I will delete the table and go back through the tasks 1 - 4 and report back

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Hi, I went through tasks again. Sadly the next mission has not unlocked

What does the task instructions say and what did you do?
Also, do you have API call tracking enabled on the Manage > App Settings screen?

The backend has been fixed and the Missions are now completing as designed